Useful tips for Instagram stories

On Instagram, in addition to posting, you can also share posts in a so-called story, or story.

Why would you post a story on Instagram?

• It can take more than a regular post.
• To (once again) bring to your attention a post. (From yourself or from a connection.)
• You can add text, hashtags and/or locations (both clickable) and emoticons to it
• You can tag an account in it (type “@” and then the account name behind it).
It is clickable
• There is something else clickable, which I'll tip about later in this article.

How to post a story on Instagram?

You can create a story in two ways:
• post an image directly as a story (not as a post). For example, place a photo outside Instagram, via the share icon as Story. For example, because you don't want to show something to everyone.
• Click under the post on the icon, which looks like a paper airplane.
This can be done with multiple posts. And do not need one after another, so can also spread over a day or so.
Anything you add to your story in one day will be posted as multiple posts in one story.

Before placing, you can decide how and with whom you share it:

• With everyone
• Only with “Best Friends”
• Only with single connection (s)
• Add as Highlight (highlights)
Make a choice and click “Done”

Where do you see your story?

Only if one is logged in, in the mobile version of Instagram. Both in a browser and in an app. The profile photos of connections that have posted stories are on the Instagram homepage in a horizontal row. So if you've posted a story, you're in there too.
If you click on a profile picture, you can see what that connection has shared as a story.

A story has one or more white stripe/stripes above it, depending on the number of posts added to that story.

Now it comes. There is aAnother reason why you would like to post a story on Instagram!

You can add a button that is clickable!

A post shared in a story is already clickable. Then the message “View Message” appears, click on it and then that post opens. But not everyone knows that. That's why you could point it out with a button that stands out.
That's what I found with someone I've been following on Instagram for a while. (After that, I noticed with some other connections.)
First I tried to figure it out for myself, how they did it.
Even if I was warm, I couldn't do it until then. So I asked her how she did that.
And I promised her that if I devote a blog to it, I would link to her Instagram account as a thank you. (Not that she wanted that.)
It turned out: I was one act away from it.

With this one I call the account: @pvd2001. Follow her because of her beautiful pictures! She has some nice highlights in her profile!

Why would you want an extra button?

Like I said, a button like that stands out. Clicking that button opens the post shared in the story!

How to place such a clickable button in a story on Instagram?

1. Create a story in Instagram
2. Go to stickers
3. Choose “Gif”
4. For example, choose “Tap here”