View statistics on Yoors:

Do you want to know how often a post on Yoors has been viewed and shared?
Click on this button under a post:

This can be done at any post on Yoors

Both with own posts (called pageviews) and those of other Yoormembers (called supporterviews). And visible to EVERYONE, including non-members.

Clicking on the statistics button below a Yoorpost shows an overview containing (if known):

  • The number of views and where they come from
  • Any supporters (those who shared the post, with the number of views reached by them until that time)
  • Any investors (if there is Upvotes have been given)

What didn't happen is not visible there either.
If, for example, you don't see any investors mentioned, there are (yet) no investors.

For example, an overview can look like this:


A supporter ava is clickable. You then end up on the profile of that Yoorslid (provided the account is not deleted ) and sees their blossom overview there.

Statistical overview

There is also an overview of both your own Yoorsposts (Pageviews) and Yoorsposts that you shared from others (Supporterviews).
Open the barmenu, select "Statistics". A new screen opens:

You can browse through it by selecting a pagenumber underneath in the screen.

Click on “Supporterviews” at the top and you will discover how many page views you have obtained from posts from other Yoorsmembers you shared.
You can also browse through them (if you shared enough already).

Why would you want to do look at statistics?

  • Then you know, for example, which post has received the most views
  • It can give you insight into what followers find interesting or not. Where your Niche is
  • Find out which posts can yield another milestone views. (So also YPs.)
  • Maybe you want to delete posts which have less views. Clean up the place
  • Or... pimp some posts and share them again. Maybe the public will find it much more interesting than!

Faster browsing?

As mentioned before, you can browse by clicking on one of the numbers at the bottom:

There is another method:
Customize the link. You do this by typing a slash at the end of the line (also called slash) and a number behind it.

The link for pageviews could look like this:

The link for supporterviews could look like this:


Updated: March 25th. 2020

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