What can you do on Yoors?

On Yoors you can:

    1. post blog article Need inspiration? Check this out
    2. place photo
    3. respond at posts and/or responds
    4. earn Yoorspoints
    5. Give Yoorspoints to posts and comments
    6. read. A lot of stories and blogs are to be found here
    7. learn. There are many informative articles and/or links to be found.

    Ad. 1 What content can a blog contain?

    A (personal) story, a poem, several photo's, outdoor tip, almost everything you want to blog about.
    You are quite free, however copied content (text, images etc.) is not recommended.
    It's your own responsibility. Keep it neat and respectful.

    See conditions:  


    Updated March 20th. 2020

    Source header: Pixabay.

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