Yoors-ID: what it is and how it works

Each Yoorsmember has a unique Ysid (Yoors ID), or Yoors identification.

That ID consists of a number and is at the very end of the url of a Yoorpost that you - logged in - share.


On the red dots a logged in Yoorsmember will see a number of at least 4 digits.
In any case, it is unique. No other logged in Yoorsmember has that same number at the end of the url.

What is the Yoors ID included in?

In all full URLs you give from Yoors. Provided you are logged in.
So your Yoors ID is automatically processed in the url of your own or other person's post.

Watch it!
The abbreviated url does not contain a Yoors ID.

Why does every Yoorsmember have such a number?

Yoors knows which Yoorsmember, for which post, generated page views.

What is a page view?

A page viewing.

What good is a Yoors ID to you as a Yoors member?

If you are logged in and a link from Yoors shares of yourself or another Yoorsmember, (via the component buttons, post in post or the url) will also show your ID.

If someone clicks on such a link that you shared (on or outside Yoors), Yoors will see that you generated Pageviews.

Further info:

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