Today made me happy by photographing.

With dog Kyra and camera on the road.

#photography #photographynatuur

I don't always feel cheerful and that has to do with the fact that some loved ones have contracted corona. In our street a couple had been visiting their parents. After two days, they learned that the father had been tested positively for corona. Fortunately, they made the wise decision to get themselves tested, and to their surprise they both tested positive. And for a freelancer, it's hard to do.! Curtains down and windows closed and no sign of life in the house. We called on the neighborhood app to find out what was going on and we were shocked by the news. All of us have contributed to putting a heart under their belt. We've succeeded, but it doesn't get cheerful. So that's why today with dog Kyra being walking with my camera (Nikon D3300). Here are some pictures!

After an afternoon of walking some pictures.

May see another deer!