Tomb Piracy Notes _ Nanpai Sanshu

When we stepped back a few steps, we found a pale blue mist coming out of all the stone crevices around us, and at an amazing speed, almost instantly, we began to fog below our knees, and our eyes were covered with a layer of fog, and it was still rising. Soon the light of the flashlight had little effect. Then we heard a series of antler trumpets coming from one end of the rift valley, melodious and encircling several times in the rift valley. Countless dark shadows, with the sound of antlers, appeared in a long line in the fog at the end of the rift valley. I want time to react, the people here are dead, running, has long been out of the climate, how can so many people suddenly come out? Are there any other teams here? But it's not like this. There are too many people. One side of the fat man's face has been white, seems to have known how to return a responsibility, mouth knot, for a long time to say all: "Yin soldiers borrow way!" " Yin soldier? I was very puzzled and wanted to ask him, but he covered my mouth and made a gesture of never speaking. We put down our flashlights and stepped back to hide behind a big rock. The procession came towards us slowly, and I even saw the shadow of the flag of the people in front of me. The procession was four people in a line,filter nozzle, walking very neatly, and soon came to us from the far end of the rift valley. Under the flashlight, the shadow of the fog became clearer and clearer. As I watched, I couldn't help but feel my scalp tingling. I saw the people at the front of the procession, wearing the old armor of the Shang Dynasty, with a flagpole in their hands, and someone behind them carrying a horn. Although the load was so heavy,lamella tube, these people walked as if they were floating, without any sound, and the speed was extremely fast. When I looked at their faces again, I almost bit off my tongue. They were all very long faces. The length of their heads was twice as long as that of ordinary people. All of them were expressionless and extremely pale. The team passed in front of us like ghosts, did not find us, and went straight into the gap of the bronze door, all the soldiers were exactly the same, as if they were made of paper. Neither the fat man nor I dared to speak, expecting these people to pass quickly. Suddenly, the fat man's hand on my mouth shook. I fixed my eyes on it and saw that the stuffy oil bottle was wearing the same armor and walking in the middle of the team. His normal face was so different from the monster's face around him that we recognized it at a glance. I almost want to cry out, is the stuffy oil bottle dead, the soul is hooked by this group of Yin soldiers? Then he saw that behind the stuffy oil bottle was his black gold ancient knife, and his walking movements were completely different from those of the Yin soldiers on the side. I knew right away he was still alive. So what does he want? Could it be. I suddenly had a very bold idea-did he want to get in? This kid is crazy! All of a sudden my heart began to beat faster. A long-lost fear welled up in my heart, MBR reactor ,rapid sand filters, and I began to breathe quickly, trying to stop him, but the fat man grabbed me and wouldn't let me move. I saw the stuffy oil bottle noticed our side, turned my head and saw me and the fat man's face. Suddenly, he smiled deeply, moved his mouth and said, "Goodbye." Then he walked into the bronze door and disappeared into the darkness in an instant. I looked at him dumbfounded, and my head almost exploded. Soon the whole team of "Yin soldiers" left the bronze giant gate, the ground suddenly shook, and the giant gate closed into a whole in an instant. I sat down on the ground, and a feeling of powerlessness came into being in an instant. What was going on? Stuffy oil bottle, what on earth does he want to do? Are those really Yin soldiers? The fat man ran over to pick up the flashlight, and he himself looked at the giant door with a surprised face, a little deranged. But there was still no time for us to be in a daze. The fog around us gradually dispersed, and we immediately heard sporadic strange bird calls coming from the end of the rift valley, louder and louder. The fat man immediately reacted and shouted to me, "Go!"! The birds flew back. We must not be so lucky this time.
” As soon as I called out to the fat man, I woke up as if I had been splashed with a basin of ice water. I immediately turned around and ran with the fat man to the other end of the rift valley, the direction of their escape. The rocks under the rift valley were like hills, extremely difficult to climb. We had just climbed not far away, and the sound of strange birds was already near. I could not help praying in my heart that if I had just died, it would be all right. If I had escaped and died in the same place, it would not be worth it. Our wounds have changed from pain to numbness. Some people say that people will forget the pain when they are nervous. But now I can't even feel my own feet. I can't even grind my teeth to run fast. Fatty and I had to help each other, trying to run forward, can not stop, stop to want to force again is impossible. So we rolled and crawled and ran deep, and soon I was almost unconscious and didn't know what I was doing. Over a huge rock like a hill, three forks appeared in front of the rift valley. Three huge mountain cracks appeared in front of me. I was a little confused. What should I do? Which way to go? We thought that the untraceable rift valley would go all the way to the end, and we could meet Pan Zi at the exit. We had no food or water on us. In such a state, even if we could go out three ways, we could not meet them, and it would be a dead end. Running to Sanmiaokou, we saw an extremely ugly arrow carved on the edge of one of the huge cracks. The arrow indicates a direction. Fatty big scold: "That old Pan Zi is lazy as expected, connect an arrowhead to also won't do beautiful dot." I did not expect that they would leave arrows to us, saying: "You are still in charge of these, as long as it works!" I could not say more, I clenched my teeth and got into the gap. The gap here is much narrower than the rift valley, the strange birds will not fly too smoothly, into the inside, the chance of hunting is much smaller, we feel a lot of peace of mind as soon as we enter. Soon I saw the light of a flashlight in front of me. Suddenly, I felt a shock in my heart. My heart said,Dissolved Gas Flotation, "Follow their steps." Should have run very deep, how there is a flashlight here, do you meet an accident and die here.