What is trust on Yoors?

In the vibrant community of Yoors, a trust score is a numerical representation of a user's credibility and reliability within the platform. It acts as a measure of how much the community trusts a user based on their interactions, comments, and overall engagement. Your trust score is a valuable indicator of your standing in the community and can significantly impact your ability to participate and receive rewards.

Relevance to Promoted Posts

Trust scores become particularly relevant when interacting with promoted posts on Yoors. Promoted posts receive increased visibility and engagement, making them a crucial space for community interaction. Users with higher trust scores are more likely to participate in these discussions, contributing positively to the overall community experience.

Opportunities and Rewards: Commenting on Promoted Posts

As a reward for contributing to the discussions on promoted posts, users have the opportunity to earn a minimum of 50 Yoors Points (YP). This incentive encourages meaningful and valuable interactions, fostering a positive and engaging environment. It's not just about receiving points; it's about being recognized and appreciated for your positive contributions.

The Significance of Upvotes and Downvotes

Upvotes and downvotes play a pivotal role in shaping your trust score. When a user appreciates your contribution or finds your comment valuable, they can give it an upvote. Each upvote adds a single point to your trust score, reflecting the positive impact of your engagement. On the flip side, downvotes can be a setback. A downvote deducts three points from your trust score, signaling that the community may have concerns about the quality or appropriateness of your contributions.

The Point System: Adding and Subtracting Trust Points

For every upvote received, you gain 1 point, contributing positively to your trust score. Conversely, every downvote subtracts 3 points, emphasizing the significance of thoughtful and respectful engagement. It's a delicate balance, where the quality of your comments is paramount to maintaining and improving your trust score over time.

Relevancy Matters: Stay on Topic to Avoid Downvotes

Relevancy is key. Ensure that your comments are directly related to the content at hand. Tangential or off-topic remarks can be perceived as disruptive and may lead to downvotes. By staying on point, you not only contribute meaningfully to the conversation but also exhibit your understanding of the subject matter.

Quality Over Volume: Every Upvote Counts, Every Downvote Hurts

Every upvote is a step toward building trust, and every downvote is a setback. Prioritize quality over quantity, as a well-thought-out comment is more likely to receive positive recognition. Remember, one upvote adds a single point to your trust score, while a downvote deducts three points. The impact of downvotes is significant, emphasizing the need for thoughtful and appropriate commentary.

Consistency is Key: Build Trust Over Time

Building a positive reputation on Yoors is an ongoing process. Engage consistently, foster genuine connections, and contribute meaningfully to the platform. Over time, your trust score will reflect the authenticity and value you bring to the community. In the world of Yoors, trust is earned through respect, relevance, and responsible engagement.