Two grocery savings tips

Save tip 1.

When buying a product, pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quantity of the product.

As an example, Kroepoek.
Apparently, it may seem like there is more prawn crackers in the long package than in a bag.
So you might opt for the long package, for example, for 10 cents more.

On this screenshot, you can see that the bag contains 100 grams and the long package contains 80 grams.
So if you choose the long package, you pay plus , but do you get lesser !

(By the way, the stated weight should be the net amount. So what the product weighs, without packaging.)

Shopping mark on screenshot blended with Awesome screenshot .

Save tip 2.

So don't just fall for 'baits'.

“Nowhere cheaper” That is not always true. Try to find out if it's cheaper elsewhere.

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