Take some yourself

Take some yourself

It's lovely weather outside. Mom's sitting at the garden table reading in the paper.
“Do you want something to drink mama?” asks her daughter very nicely.
“Yes dear! Bring me a glass of lemonade and have some of your own.”

A little later, the four-year-old pride comes out with a glass of lemonade and a bag of peppers.
Mama looked up. “Chips? Did you ask that?”
“I was allowed to take something myself...”


Mama could laugh about it. “You are right. I meant that you could also pour something to drink for yourself.” “Oh!” Kim blushed.

“If you share the chips with your brother, you can.”
That's not what six-year-old Kees let himself say a second time. He came straight to the garden.Kim suggested sharing it with Mommy as well.
“You are truly a sweetheart!” Mama said proudly.