Update 15-02-2021, reached the first milestone!


Meanwhile about 2 weeks ago that I posted my last update and today, on my day off this week, took time to write another one.

Diaantje has reached its first milestone!!!

This morning another weigh moment and he turned upside down, exactly 5 kilos less 💪 You know I did a joy dance. Really a YEAH moment 😉

It gives you a huge boost to see that it is going in the right direction and that also makes it easier to continue. Though I can't say I'm having a lot of trouble with it.

Many times you have heard me tell about the 80 -20% rule, well I do not apply it daily, but weekly. Every Friday night for me is Besties night. Then I go to my girlfriend and we watch The Voice of Holland together and from 10:00 it's a little party. Then the TV goes on channel 192TV and there are the dance classics on. Sing together, dancing and having a lot of fun. Only I doubt last Friday it was only 20%, because when we went to bed at 1:30.... we had just drunk two bottles of wine! It really bothered me all Saturday and so I was punished for it 😉 Ah, we had a wonderful evening and that's what we do for.. Given the curfew, I'll sleep there and that's a good thing.. If I had to walk home...

Furthermore, I walk a little longer with Joep, although with this weather this is a little less. Must also take into account him of course. I pay close attention to the quantities I eat, but I have a nice fish pizza on Saturday! We have such a good pizzeria here in Rosmalen and I really needed that piece of savory Saturday.


My next goal is to reach the 10 kilos off and that's what I'm going to get! It's not a competition, and it doesn't matter how long it takes me, but it's a certainty for me to make it to that milestone!

Believing in yourself and staying positive is something you need while losing weight. Having a goal and keeping yourself in mind what you want to look like in a few months.

For me, that is also the article that was about me in the Dragonfly at the time, because as I felt then, I really want to feel again. I'll put the link to it below.

We'll all move on together, because I'm not the only Yoorisan working on returning to a healthier life with a lot less pounds. When I posted my first blog about this, I was very surprised that so many others wanted to do this, and we support each other in this.

Let's keep doing this and occasionally post an update on how things are going. It certainly doesn't have to be weekly, but every blog that relates to this, I read with a smile on my face. Even if things don't go well for a week, don't give up the courage, because that's quite normal! Sometimes you fall off, sometimes something comes in and sometimes it just stands still. As long as you feel good about it, that's the most important thing there is!

We can dot it ladies!!! 💪💪💪💪💪