Update weightloss - How then?

Update of my weightloss - goal

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Here you can see how much unnecessary calories I worked inside. . . . and especially with chocolate! If I leave out most of the extra snacks, or replace them with fruit, and cracker or a gingerbread, the kilos will fly off!

In 2 weeks I lost 5 kilos! Spacious even. HOW THEN? ? ? ?

I know a flying start doesn't mean it's going to go on like this. That is also not healthy for my body. The best thing is to lose weight about half a kilo a week, then your body will last, and then it will not go into survival.

So next few weeks I expect a flattening line, and that's fine, it should really slow down..

This morning another extra piece of walking, but my knee is not so happy with it, I now have moisture in it again..

Visit to the Internist

Because my blood pressure was so high, and the GP didn't think it was going down enough, I went to the Internist Wednesday.. There are extensive blood and urine tests, and I get an ultrasound of my kidneys and adrenal glands and of my aorta. All to exclude things.

But also the internist indicates that losing weight will probably have the most effect, she was proud that I was already doing so well. If necessary, my diet with a dietist can be examined even further.

The goals

You might still read my goals above my chart in the picture.

  • My first measurable goal is: 95 kilos

My big goals are:

  • More active with the kids
  • Less back complaints
  • Less complaints knee
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleep better
  • Buy nice clothes

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