Use Smart social, a Yoorstool that automatically shares Yoorsposts

One way to share on Yoorsposts is via the Yoorstool “Smart social”.

Why is Smart Social useful?

It automatically shares a post of your choice (repeated) on the social media that you have connected to it.

How do you set up smart social?

Connecting social media

In the menu, click “Smart social”.
A new screen opens and you can connect your social media. Namely:

  • Facebook profile
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest (on one board of your choice)
  • - Twitter. - Yeah

You can undo this by clicking on the trash at the end of the connection.

Sometimes you can get an email that a connection has been disconnected (without doing so yourself).
Then you can reconnect the respective. (Or leave that. That's entirely up to you, of course.)

You can also specify preferences. How often repeat, for example.


You can choose to

  • reshare the post after 1, 2 or 3 months by smart social.
  • reshare the items 1, 2 or 3 times.
    If you have chosen to reshare after 3 months and reshare 2 times, then the next time will not be shared again in 3 months. And the time after that is 3 months later.


Only when you click “Save” those settings are effective.

How can you plan a post with Smart social?

If you press the share button (at the bottom of a Yoorpost),
opens a screen with sharing buttons. The lower one is for Smart Social.

When sharing a post, you can also specify which connected networks you want to share that post (yourself).

Share immediately or later.

After pressing the button, you can choose if the Yoorspost will be shared immediately or later that day. If you want it to be shared later on, click on "Queue".



Scheduled posts end up in a so-called queue. You will then see when which Yoorspost will be shared on which networks. If you chose “Now” when planning, the post is already shared once.

Trash can

You can disconnect one, more or all social media connections by clicking on the trash at the end of the connection.

You can also delete a future placement (see Queue) by means of trash.

Example of a situation:

Suppose you want most posts to repeat twice (then they are automatically shared by smart social in total 3 times, because 1 x immediately). But some post (s) do not. Then you can delete the scheduled placement (s) as desired.

If you want to schedule for later, but not that day, act as follows:

  1. Click the share button for smart social below the post you want to share later;
  2. Choose the platforms where you want to share yes/no by ticking them on/off;
  3. Choose not “Now” but “Queue”;
  4. Go to the queue. The post is scheduled at the top but is not immediately shared. Click on the trash behind it. It is still scheduled on other dates.(provided you have set repetition in your smart social section).

Shortened link

Posts shared on social media via Smart Social contain an abbreviated link. Which starts with “”

That's where your Yoors ID is incorporated.

Double scheduling cannot be done

You cannot add an already scheduled post to the queue again.
When you click on the smart social button at an already scheduled post, you will get a warning.

Header: Pixabay

Updated on March 25th. 2020

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