Lizzy Agatha
Joined 10 May, 2017
welcome everyone! I'm so pleased to be here! I say this hoping you will love my posts , and read them often, I'm really happy to be here and hope to meet lovely people and read really good blogs and posts. I am an artist, and I love to travel, but you already know that. I have quite a few blogs up at the moment, though most have been dormant for a while. this new YOORS site is just what I need right now. Creative writing and abstract landscape painting are what I spend most of my day doing which suits me fine And I'm pretty damn good at portrait s too. That's OK as I'm nearly 60. so fair is fair, I should know by now if I'm good or not. I have traveled all over the world so I do have some interesting stories. so I'm looking forward to getting to know you XXX LIZ
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