Video editing that you don't always see.

Dark Souls: Executioner Smough & Dragon Slayer Ornstein.

In my oh-so-fun adventure of one of the hardest games ever made to play, I've now come to a very familiar challenge in the Dark Souls community. “Executioner Smough & Dragon Slayer Ornstein”. They often say that this is the test if you have what it takes to play Dark Souls. People often give up in this part of the game. I can now proudly say that I have these 2 beaten and definitely intend to play Dark Souls until the end! I made a video of this, of course.


For the video I had some ideas that gave me some challenges. Like for example, my editing software that didn't want to cooperate. The idea I had was to animate my logo 3D on a cinematic shot of the game. But for one reason or another, this didn't work out

It was quite frustrating because I had to adjust the shot every time until my program was able to find the right points to put a 3d motion tracking in it.


After a long time it would have succeeded and the result can be seen in the opening shot of the video. ^^ Ik heb het zelf wazig doen worden naarmate de diepte van de video dus ben er best wel redelijk fier op

The thing I've always found super fascinating about video editing is that it's one of the most underrated arts. There's a lot of things happening that the viewer will never know about. This is because the job of a video mechanic is correct to ensure that the viewer does not know that it has been edited. If you can see that the video has been edited, it's not done well. 1 Of those things I've done in my video that many won't even notice is a complete recolor of a game of thrones scene. In the Game of Thrones series, there's a really good explosion. This explosion scene was ideal for a moment in my video, the only problem was that the flames were green, and I wanted them normally. So I changed the original scene. This is something many won't even notice if they don't know the original scene. Yet it has to be done. ^^


If you love gaming, feel free to watch the video ^^ #gaming