Wallpaper Faces Drawn

Wallpaper Faces Drawn

Yes, I am one of those who regularly see faces that are not. For example, in clouds, objects and food.
On the green/brown colored wallpaper at home I also see various faces. And depending on how the light shines on it, I see more (or less).

Three of those faces:


You don't see them?

That could very well. Not everyone sees faces “everywhere”. In fact, not everyone who does see faces sees the same. No problem.

I decided to sign them.

At least, an attempt at. Because drawing is not my strong suit. But in the end, I think this worked out nicely. Colored with crayons, that's how I put my own spin on it.
They are listed in order of the photos above.
Then in Paint dot Just cut out and the edges vaguely erased. This led to this result:

Story Inspiration?

Anyone who gets writing inspiration can change the drawing (unchanged)!), to post on Yoors, with a self-written story.
Do add a link to this post.

No Yoorslid?

Custom images, “Sign up” made in Paint dot NET.