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For English press the select language button How nice that you have joined the community Yoors!

A nice community where you can write and share your blogs with other Yoormembers and beyond.

But also read beautiful blogs and share experiences, facts and tips with each other. Yoors is also a close community where people help each other.

This also sometimes creates fine collaborations between Yoorsbloggers.

You'll be seen at Yoors.

We can imagine that if you start as a new Yoorslid, blogging might still be completely new to you and you have questions.

That doesn't matter. That's how we all started.

We're also here on Yoors to learn and help each other.

That's why we want to tell you novice bloggers that we @Lichtophethart and @Madeleine you want to answer your questions as best as possible and help you where necessary.



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Important to know

Read the blogs and manuals below for information about blogging at Yoors and follow the following hashtags #iamnewhere #yoorshelp To bring yourself directly to the attention of Yoors, write a brief introduction of yourself with the hashtag #iamnewhere That's how Yoormen find each other.

who are @Lichtophethart and @Madeleine

A brief introduction


“My name is Diana 53 years old and since 2016 a member of Yoors. I live with Ellis and with our 3 kids we form a family together. Music, walking, spirituality, blogging, drawing, planting, networking. Enjoying the little things. I'm still as excited about Yoors as I was 4 years ago. Anything is possible at Yoors. It is accessible, but above all an FAIR platform where you can truly express your passion and inspiration. At Yoors you also get paid for your inspiration. There is something for everyone.”

“My name is Madeleine, 45 years old, married and mother of three children. Creativity is the basis for my everyday things. Without creative thinking, I wouldn't be able to function. I get my inspiration for life and to live from nature, art, music, people. Because of Yoors, I have grown more and more in my creative thinking and discovered more and more things that I liked to do. I've been blogging here for about five years now. Yoors is a nice community with interesting people who create lots of beautiful things.”


You think I'd like to help new Yoor-members on their way too?

Then sign up in the comments below and we will contact you and add you to this post. Also follow https://yoo.rs/members and follow new members or send them a pb with, for example, the following text Hi! Welcome to Yoors! Nice that you have registered with us. With the Yoors Gijwijzer you can easily start as a blogger. It is also nice if you follow the tag #iamnewhere and write a short introduction about yourself, so that the members get to know you and can follow you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us and we will help you on your way. Have fun reading and writing here on Yoors.


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