Welcome to Yoors πŸ¦‹


How very nice that you found Yoors! On behalf of all Yoorsians I would like to welcome you πŸ’–

Why is it so much fun at Yoors?

I'll tell you that, because I've been a member of this great platform for 4 years now and I'm still glad that I discovered this at the time. On Yoors you are free to write whatever you want, as long as you want to guidelines hold.

By using here yourown to write a story, create incredibly fun conversations and even build up friendships. Do you want to write about your hobbies or about your favorite music, you can. Also topics in the category 'daily things' you can write here. You're just as free as a butterfly here and that's why I made a header with a butterfly. As long as you approach everyone with respect, you're in the right place.

What you shouldn't do is copy something from the Internet or β€œsteal" from someone else! That's against the rules and your blog will eventually be deleted by the administration. This is what other Yoorsians are allowed to decide, because Yoors is something we do together.

Use your photos in your story, make sure they belong to you or use photos that are free to use. On a.a. Pixabay allows you to find beautiful photos that you can use free of charge. I myself make the headers with the program Pizap and this program also has pictures of Pixabay in the file. The header in this blog I also made there. Of course, I added the text myself.

So there are several ways to get creative here and that makes Yoors very unique, because what you absolutely will not see here are commercials. On many social media channels, you always come across advertising. This is because they use your data and so they know what kind of advertising might be of interest to you. Yoors does not use your data! By using the right hashtags, you can very well find in a search engine like Google. So if you want many to read your story, use the appropriate hashtags for that.

A nice side effect is that you will also be rewarded for your unique story! You receive YPs and that stands for Yoors Points and those points are converted into euros. How nice is that? If you want to get rich, you shouldn't be here. It's a bonus, a reward for your story.

You can also add photos in a story here, as I have now. Of course, chosen a butterfly, because butterflies are similar in my view to Yoors. They are free to do what they want and flutter around their world.

Of course, this is a picture of my own, because it's a tattoo that's on my arm. A butterfly that belongs to me and therefore I use it in my username as you can see above this blog.

I put it in this blog to show you what is possible, but there is, of course, much more possible. I would therefore like to invite you to discover Yoors and see what you can do.

You don't get out of somewhere? Then you can ask most members. You can also always post a blog or short post with the hashtag β€œdare to ask" and then someone from the Yoors team will always respond. Because of the many possibilities it is certainly a search in the beginning, but a very nice search. Everything new, you have to discover, and by doing, you learn the fastest.

Actually, now you have to think like β€œPippi Longstocking" did and as I wrote in the picture you see next. Also made in the program Pizap.

Stay postive and look for your possibilities, because there are hope for Yoors!

I have to warn you, because Yoors is very addictive πŸ˜‰ but hey, it's a very harmless addiction!

Start now by writing your first blog and you will notice how much fun it is and how many comments you will get. Imagine always by using the hashtag β€œimnewhere". Then everyone will know you're new, and you will certainly be welcomed.

Thank you so much for reading this blog and once again welcome to the Yoors family πŸ¦‹πŸ’–πŸ¦‹