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Tasty caramel sauce from Mrs. Dot...
As I wrote earlier, I started a series of recipes under the hashtag #hoemaaktuhet ...The hashtag here not only indicates the way of preparation, but is also immediately a question to you. Do you also regularly prepare simple snacks and would like to share this with us, feel free to use the hashtag #hoemaaktuhet can also be used.In the title, put the name of what you are creating, followed by the word “of” and your own name or alias. (For example: Stuffed eggs of Sofie).So we get a whole series of tasty snacks together under the same hashtag.Today I'm going for caramel sauce... nice for a pudding dessert, wonderful to husk in a cookie, delicious on top of a whipped cream or frothed milk in your coffee, great with a pancake or ice cream... Multi-applicable so... YUMMY CARAMEL SAUCE FROM MRS. DOT... - Here's what you need: 250 g of semolina sugar200 ml cream50ml water Method: Put the sugar and water in a saucepan... Bring this mixture to a boil over high heat... Let the moisture evaporate... When the melted sugar is golden brown in color, remove the pan from the heat. Carefully pour the cream with the caramelized sugar...Pay attention to splashing!!! These can cause severe burns. Stir well and bring it back to a boil over low heat.Let it boil so that all the lumps are gone and your caramel sauce gets the right thickness. Put the pan in a cold-water bath and stir to speed up cooling. When the caramel sauce is lukewarm, you can pour it into a heat-resistant jar (eg: jam jar) and let it cool down in a new cold-water bath or in the cooling.Caramel sauce should be kept cool. Caramel on top... - My latté macchiato tastes delicious... Read more from the series #hoemaaktuhet ? Spicy chicken strips from Mrs. Dot... - Read more Pastry cream from Mrs. Stip... - Read more #hoemaaktuhet #karamelsaus #recept #mevrouwstip #mevrouwstipkookt #yoorskookstudio #foodlovers #karamel
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Photographing with your phone - in PRO - mode
Do more with the camera on your mobile phone - Take a lot of photos with your mobile phone? Do you know that you can adjust a lot of settings there like on a 'real' camera? Especially with the phones with 3 or 4 lenses you can take beautiful pictures.  On the question of @Ingrid Tips and more which manual she could use best when photographing with her mobile phone I gave her the right link. The cards in the set of concise manuals are good to use if you shoot a lot with your mobile phone! However, it was necessary to make an extra card at the PRO settings that many cameras on the mobile phone today have. Focus, white balance, shutter speed, ISO and general exposure can all be set on most mobile phones. Just take a look at your PRO settings. So you take a picture with your mobile, and there's something you're not happy about? Look at this manual what you could do about it! For more manuals you can check out my compilation blog brief tutorials: https://y.is/rpdFE   Away the doubt of manual shooting, with the set of 12 concise manuals shooting - The brief manuals are also available in English, click on the link for more photography tips and manuals. https://y.is/rpdFE   Away the doubt of manual shooting, with the set of 12 concise manuals shooting - #mobilephotography #photography #photographing #brieftutorials #photographytips #manuals #cameramobile #mobilephone #splendidphoto