What about it now?

My Company #dagopvangdenostalgie is located in the Tour Fens in the province of Utrecht. 2 out of 8 cities have zip code 1427 and the others 3641.
To make things more complicated is 50 meters further along the border with Uithoorn in Noord-Holland with zip code 1422.
If someone is not good and we need a general practitioner, we often call our family doctor. But when a client comes out of the place with 3641 and he has to go to Nostalgia with zip code 1427, he says often, but that's not my zip code area.
No, it won't, but it's your patient.
And they just don't come, then we'll call a GP in Uithoorn, see if he wants to come, because it's his zip code area. I'll give you a guess what they're saying... Oh, but that's not my patient, no, but it's your zip code area.
I've already had twice calling 911 because no doctor wanted to come.

And they're still arguing about it, because I put the congregation behind it. Go fix it.
I just want to be able to call a doctor. All people are panicked when an ambulance arrives...