What are we singing today?

#dagopvangdenostalgie #corona
Because of my speakers in my car, Wolter Kroes shattered this morning, what a wonderful day, this is a day that is all allowed.
That's what we had to do at #dagopvangdenostalgie , follow Wolter's advice.
I was in the living room today, too.
But first I was a driver on the small bus to catch our clients with my co-driver Esther!
On return, everyone should wash their hands and escort them to their seats and pour a cup of coffee or tea.
The big bus came in, so we help the clients get out, take off the cap, take off the jacket, wash hands and escort them to the seat. 11 clients we had today, one client is sick, together with her husband they have #corona . Fortunately, they both have mild complaints.
After the coffee and gingerbread we went to the gym.. To music, of course, because that's the best and the best. After the gym, image bingo played and the question game, after the question game until the meal, old school songs sung.. Then I'd say a few words and they'd have to figure out what song I mean,
When I tell them it's about pancakes and clogs are put by the fire, they soon know it's about Elsje Fiederelsje, and then we sing the song with each other!! I can also sing a phrase from a song, and then they have to go on.
So I sing “On his arm a basket” do you know what song it is about? The clients guessed.
We had sauerkraut, potatoes and smoked sausage and dessert. Everything went back on! After the meal we turned on a USB stick on the TV with performances we had done on our Bonte afternoon, which we had organized when the Nostalgia existed for 5 years. And of course we did a one-and-a-half meter polonaise when the junts were performing.
Cup of tea, and we could put the coats back on. Now I was a wheelchair bus driver. So my car fully loaded, all the seats (8) occupied, including a mouthcap, we drove on our way to bring everyone back home.
After more than an hour back on the Nostalgie, a bit more drunk with each other, because Esther had the small bus and was faster back so had already cleaned.
Wolter had not sung anything too much, It was a Delicious day!!!