What do you miss the most?

In this time of Netflix and Videoland, as well as the ability to watch almost everything back, we have plenty of choice on TV. Sometimes so much choice, that you don't know what you want to look at first.
I find myself that I don't always like the chaotic thing about all these choices, and I sometimes get a feeling of homesickness to the past. Do you recognize that?
That's why I came up with the idea of discussing it at Yoors, to see if I'm the only one in that.
Which TV show do you miss most on the TV? Something you might have been completely addicted to, and you really got ready for.
Of course, this may be from a long time ago, but it may also be something of the last few years.
Just ff nice memories with each other...

My own memory goes back over 40 years, to” Peyton place.” Every Monday night it was on TV. I don't know if it was a series or if it was already a soap opera. Did the word “soap” already exist? But I was addicted to it anyway. Speaking of soaps, As the world turns is my top perp. Even my grandmother looked at it about 45 years ago. Great show was that, I still miss it. '

When I think of my childhood, “Swiebertje” comes up first. Every Saturday night, the whole family was ready for that. Yes, I have beautiful memories of that.
And “Duck in,” "Oebele,” and "The road to Hamelin" were also so beautiful.
Less far back in time, “Tell me Aa,” “Watch out,” “Children no objection” was also wonderful to watch.

Wondering what you are homesick for...?

Greetings Anna #tv