God’s word is life giving. When spoken by faith, It has tremendous power to destroy strongholds and bring success in your life. What does it means to speak God’s word? Speaking the word of God in your life is declaring God’s will over your life by faith through Jesus Christ.

What Is The Word Of God To The Believer?
Expressed thoughts and will of God that are life and spirit. Recorded in the bible, conveyed through prophets and spoken directly by God Himself. It is Jesus Christ (John 1:1)
God’s word is pure and complete.(Proverbs 30:5) It offers solutions to all problems you may encounter in life. Nothing should be added or removed. (Revelation 22:18-19) It shouldn’t be twisted to suit one’s selfish desires and justify ungodly agendas.
It is proven, perfect and offers protection to those that put their trust in God. (2 Samuel 22:31) Those that have tasted the goodness of God can testify of His faithfulness.
The word, accomplishes what God sends it to and is never in vain. (Isiah 55: 10-11) If God sends out a word of healing He will do exactly that because He is faithful and not a man to lie.
It is the power of God. The word consumes all evil. (Jeremiah 5:14) Thus, you should use it to destroy all the works of darkness in your life.

What Does It Mean To Speak God’s Word In Your Life To Prosper?
God intends for you to prosper spiritually, emotional, physically, financially and socially because kingdom success is not only about material wealth. It’s God’s favor and blessings in your life. This favour will help you advance spiritually as well as in your career, education, businesses and relationships.

Jehovah Jireh is a king who owns everything. You are a steward to manage His blessings. When you handle them faithfully, He entrusts you with more. God’s blessings flow from Him to you and to others so as to expand His kingdom.

As His ambassador, your words and deeds should glorify Him. Your life should manifest Christ and reveal His love, compassion and humility. So that when people see you, they see Christ and desire to serve Him. This way you bear good fruits and win souls for the Kingdom.

In Christ there’s abundance and your life should reflect this. (John 10:10) If you are having challenges in any of these areas you may want to examine your life. How is your spiritual life? Are you living in the ways of the lord? What words are you speaking about yourself everyday?

Words are very powerful and may seem like simple utterances but are powerful declarations in the spiritual realm. They can either create or destroy your life.

Be careful not to allow the devil to cheat you into speaking bad words about yourself and others. Because, he will use this words to inflict pain and suffering into your life. The bible warns us against reckless speaking and encourages us to guard our tongue against evil. (Proverbs 21:23)

Weigh your words carefully and think them over before letting them out of your mouth. Sometimes its best to keep quiet to avoid trouble as there’s a lot of wisdom in silence. Ecclesiastes 3:7 teaches that there’s a time to speak and a time to stay silent. Therefore, you should know when to talk and when to keep quiet. Use your mouth to bless and declare good things instead of cursing and attracting bad things.

Gods Promises, Prophecies And Principles
When reading the word of God there are three things to consider; promises, prophecies and principles. It’s your duty to find and understand them.

All across scripture we find the promises of God. It is ignorance that makes one not experience the reality of these promises. It’s important to know what God says about you and your family and what He requires from you. Always pay attention to God’s voice because He never talks in vain. He may speak to you through dreams, vision, scriptures or his prophets. Then, believe in His promises and decree them in the name of Jesus Christ.

Principles are instructions and conditions to observe so as to prosper. Apply them in your life so as to experience God’s blessings and enjoy your walk with God. For instance, God needs obedience to release His blessings.(Deuteronomy 28) Fulfilling these conditions needs a lot of discipline and God’s grace.

The Power Of Speaking The Word Of God To Manifest
By His word, God created the universe and everything in it. He saw that it was good. This shows how powerful words are. Thus, you should use God’s word to create your realities according to His will.

In Mark 11:23, Jesus Christ encourages speaking out the word by faith to get rid of obstacles.

The word is capable of changing your life and giving you victory over all your foes and problems. So how do you achieve this? For God’s word to manifest in your life you need faith which Hebrews 1:1 describes, as believing and hoping in unseen things.
This is complete trust in God without any doubts in your heart.

Understand what the word means by revelation from the Holy Spirit.
Have genuine intentions. Not asking God for things to fulfil your selfish needs.
Trust that God has already done it and give Him thanks and glory. (Mark 11:24)

Speak The Word Of God To Your Situation
Whatever problems you may have, keep speaking the word of over them until they hear and flee. Declare the promises of God.
Destroy all the negative words in your life by silencing every tongue talking against your destiny. Convert all curses into blessings. Always pay attention to what people are saying. When you hear bad words cancel them immediately by the blood of Jesus Christ so that they don’t bear fruits in your life. Quickly arrest them in the spirit before they can manifest into the physical.

May God give you wisdom to declare His word over your challenges, experience His power and emerge victorious. #Christianity #faith #bible

What Does It Mean To Speak God's Word Over Your Life?