What's “deferred coffee “?

The initiative of the 'deferred coffee' originates from Naples.
It has existed since 2013 and slowly found its way to other countries.
Today there are also a lot of business in Belgium and the Netherlands that do 'deferred coffee'.

But what is it, anyway?

Everyone knows the coffee bars, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.
Suppose you order 4 coffees. One for yourself, one for your partner and two deferred coffees.
You get the first two right away. You pay for the deferred coffees, but you don't get them.
You sit at a table and notice that other people also order more coffees than they drink themselves.
Sooner or later a person enters the case who can not miss the money for a coffee.
He asks, “Is there another deferred coffee?”
After which he or she can drink the coffee someone else ordered.


So the system is very simple: someone who can afford it buys a coffee for someone who can't.

It doesn't have to stick to coffee either.
In some cases, you can also order sandwiches, or even a complete meal that way.

Participating business in Belgium and the Netherlands can be found here: https://www.uitgesteldekoffie.nl/bedrijven.html

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