When is Qatar playing in the Football World Cup?

Only one host state has crashed to further past the group stage of the Football World Cup, and Qatar will be annoyed to evade flattering the second. Resource-rich Qatar has been condemned for paying its way into football authority pumping billions into stadium and foundation projects despite human rights complaints and support of an academy that draws young players from around the world.

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Qatar will be the only squad in tournament history to play in the Football World Cup without ever having a competitively fit for it since the host gets regular spots. Italy was the only exemption for guaranteed qualification as host of the second Football World Cup in 1934 when it had to beat Greece for improvement. All eyes will be on Qatar the first Arab country to host a Football World Cup when The Maroons face Ecuador in the tournament opener on November 20. The Qataris will also play Senegal and the Netherlands Football teams in Group A.

“Tough games await us in the tournament Football World Cup, Qatar coach Felix Sanchez told. We will face extraordinarily strong sides’ teams that are used to being in the Football World Cup. If we display our best, we will be able to participate.”

South Africa in 2010 is the only host country to break to get past the first round. Six hosts have won the tournament Football World Cup, most newly France in 1998. The Qatar Football team has been putting up for the contest by playing a lot. Qatar is set for Football World Cup coming out with something to prove. The 2019 Asian Cup champions received invitations to play in the 2019 Copa America and 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup, with decent showings in each contest. They fell to Argentina's Football team 2-0 at the Copa America and got to the Gold Cup semifinals, losing to the United States (US) 1-0.

Qatar then joined Group A in Football World Cup qualifying and it played ten friendlies in Europe at the request of UEFA to get some more game knowledge. The results were combined. They defeated Luxembourg and Azerbaijan and took with them then were overmatched in losses to Serbia and Portugal. Sanchez, a Spaniard who has trained the team up since 2017, conceded the 3-1 and 3-0 losses to Portugal just over a year ago were wake-up calls.

“We know that when we play at this stage it is hard for us,” he stated.

In September, the Qatar Football team drew 2-2 with Chile after losing to Canada 2-0 in friendlies in Austria. The Qataris then defeated Guatemala 2-0 in another friendly in October.


Qatar favours a 5-3-2 structure that relies closely on defences to generate scoring chances. They are organized and orderly, Canada coach John Herdman told after his side's win in a new friendly game. The squad does not boast high-profile stars, but the Qataris are a tight-knit bunch. The full team that Sanchez has just deployed all play in Qatar’s national league, and many of them came out of the Wish Academy in Doha.

Champions will need to see Almoez Ali, who was the top Footballer at both the Gold Cup and the 2019 Asian Cup. In the 3-1 win over Japan in the final, he notched the opener with an upstairs kick. Hassan Al Haydos is Qatar’s most knowledgeable player he has made more than 160 attendances for the national squad and the forward has playmaking and notching skills. He accumulated poor approval from a defender and scored from beyond the box in the draw versus Chile.

Akram Afif is a spirited winger who played quickly in Belgium and Spain before sending to Qatar. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) tried to get Qatar disqualified from the Asian Cup by stating Ali and defender Bassam Al Rawi were disqualified. Ali was a native of Sudan and turned to Qatar to attend Aspire and Al-Rawi in Iraq. The Court of Adjudication for Sport ruled in Qatar’s preference.

Let us call out the Qatar Football World Cup for what it is

This November, billions of people around the world will tune in to the Football World Cup one of the greatest sporting events in human history. It is an event that has brought wars to a halt, sanctified sporting saints and sinners, and unified the planet in savouring every cry point goal, final tackle, and complexly choreographed triumphant knee-slide. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

There is just one problem: This year, it is happening in Qatar. In Qatar, journalists are thrown in jail for examining migrant worker conditions. LGBTQ+ people are considered criminals. Women need to ask men's consent to marry, travel and study overseas in many cases. And Qatari labour traditions have been linked to modern slavery a told 6,500 South Asian migrant workers have perished in Qatar since the country was granted the Football World Cup in 2010. Specialists tell it is likely a lot of these deaths are linked to the building of buildings for the tournament Football World Cup.

The total death toll is surely higher, as this figure does not consist of many countries dispatching workers to Qatar, as well as the Philippines and African countries. In recent years, Qatari agencies have announced several labour reform proposals, corresponding to Human Rights Watch. However considerable gaps remain, it told, with widespread wage abuses and disaster to examine the causes of fatalities of thousands of migrant workers.

A contentious bid

Let us not imagine that the Qataris won their Cup bid out of merit alone. Qatar a peninsula smaller than Connecticut, and with heat so intense that it’s a possible health risk to play soccer there throughout the summer months is the last place it would make a reason to host a huge international sporting tournament Football World Cup. How, then, did Qatar get chosen? Well, as a constant stream of undercover journalism claims, it won the bid through a procedure that was manipulated from top to bottom.

Shortly after France’s support vote, for example, Qatar Sports Investments bought the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club; all around the same time, another Qatari firm purchased a piece of Veolia, a French energy and garbage company. Not to mention: A firm attached to the Qatari supreme fund employed the son of Michel Platini, the former head of the European football association.

Just do not get our word for it. Matt Miller, a former Department of Justice official who journeyed with former Attorney General Eric Holder to Zurich to witness the tendering procedure, told us: It was the most dishonest thing I have ever seen in my job, and I over a couple of years working in New Jersey politics. Jokes, however, all this increases the question: Why would Qatar even need to host the Football World Cup?

The potential of sport

Next of all, this is about more than the Football World Cup. It is about whether people who think in a democratic state and human rights are going to let totalitarian regimes get away with hijacking the games we love. Saudi Arabia is already trying to sport-wash its image with LIV Golf and the WWE. Russia and Bahrain have attempted to do it through Formula One. Only if we make a stand next to Qatar on the world stage, we can make the next generation of dictators more concerned about a Qatar 2022-style embarrassment than hungry for a Beijing 2008 moment.

Followers can help by utilizing their social media platforms to call awareness of Qatar’s human rights harms, and by forcing football organizations to officially support the #PayUpFIFA war. Our involvement could also change over the calculus for FIFA which might be less apt to award the Football World Cup to countries like Qatar if they know that working out so will result in years of boycotts, strikes, and harmful press.

These issues. Because as every football follower knows, the Football World Cup is more than a tournament. It has been linked to a worldwide eclipse that strikes the whole planet for a month at a time. It is a distinctive arena where nations can play ferociously and then shake hands. It’s supposed to be the best of us our amazing diversity and our common civilization. It is no wonder dictatorial powers want to take over these events for themselves. And that is precisely why we cannot let them.

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