Where's the trip going?

#thougttravels #shortstory

Suitcase packed? Check! Cabin Baggage? Check!
All in order, travel papers along! Phone, 'cause I have to be able to call Mom!
Jacco runs down the stairs, easy with trolley and hand luggage.
But finally he's at the front door and opens the door and walks into the garden.
Ohh, door forgot to close.. And Jacco will close the door behind him..
And continues his path....
And what are we going to do? Sounds behind him all of a sudden!
Damn, busted... there's Mommy!
I'm going to live at the zoo..
Oh, Mommy, you go live in the zoo.
I'll take you there this afternoon.!
First we go to school, otherwise you will never learn how to write lion!!

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