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Where to share Yoorsposts

The list in this post, is for those who want to know where to share Yoorsposts.
By that is meant the links to posts on Yoors, from you and/or other Yoors members.
You might want to bookmark this post, to be able to visit it more often.

You might think: "Such a list can be found already online, even a lot!"

True. I'm definately not the first person who compiled such a list.
But in the past (and a few times still) somehow links to Yoorsposts are unexcepted. I don't know why. There's no reason to. Yoors is a good and the most transparent platform I've ever known. However.
That's why I started a list in september 2017. Back than the list had only 20 links and was meant for Dutch languaged members and their Dutch languaged posts. (At the time being Yoors didn't go international yet. Back than most members where located in Belgium and The Netherlands.)
Through the years worldwide people subscribed to Yoors. Posts can be translated automatically and comment translation makes it easy / easier to communicate. (Ok, translation are not always correct, but those mistakes can be hilarious! Anyway, I digress...)
That Dutch list I have updated it many times over the years. (I like to keep things updated.) And meanwhile changed the English translation of that post everytime. Because I assumed there wheren't much similarities. But there are!
Therefor I deleted the English version of that post and created a new one, which is the post you're reading right now.

My intention with this list, is to help all members of Yoors.
Including myself. My intention of all my posts with explanations, are always to help. Not to act like I know everything (better).

Why is it important to share Yoorsposts?

It's important to share Yoorsposts because:
  • It will help Yoors grow further. And every member who has the true intention of creating honest, own and good content, can benefit from it.
  • If you create content, I assume you want audience. Most people visit a post if they know it's there. If a post is unshared, the chance it will be read is quite little...
  • To help other Yoorsmembers. Share posts from others too. Because you reach óther people, in yoúr network! And most people enjoy it if their content is read.
    Sharing is caring.

Where to share Yoorsposts?

A list in alphabetic order:
  • Ello
    In my opinion this is a spot to share creations. So if you are creative: give it a try.
  • Facebook
    On your account and in replies.
    Also join groups and share subject related links there. Of course only if that's allowed. Always read the (current) group rules.
    Some groups choose to post a subject post, underneath you can reply.
    Links to English Yoorsposts are allowed to share in this group, from @Madeleine: Bloggers Group Daily Blogs.
    Tip! Connect your Instagram-account and share your post there in one click also on your chosen Facebookpage.

  • Flipboard
    Share links in own-created magazines.

  • Google
    Wrote a review? Share the link to that specific post on Google!

  • Instagram

Do you share Yoorsposts elsewhere?

Do you know a place to share, other than mentioned allready above?
Share it in a comment, so other Yoorsmembers can benefit from it too.
Remember: sharing is caring.

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