Would that be blood?

A new episode of the follow-up story about the #zeesterperikelen

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Good stuff, “says Agent Storm, “do you need one too?”

'No, 'replies Polleman, 'I have to start a little careful. I want to go down.”

“Less booze?” What do you mean that? Are you sick?”

“Do you know how many bottles of booze these two crazy writers have made us soldier here?” A man would get alcohol poisoning from a lot less.”

“Damn, you're right. Then it is a miracle that those people there, 'a vague gesture of arms towards our Starfish company, 'remain more or less upright.'

“Exceptions you always have.”

Through this conversation, both officers look at Sjaan, just staring at Sheila with wonder. They'll see what she's looking at. “Look at that, there's droplets falling.”

“Strange. It's like red drops.”

“Would that be blood?”

“Blood?” And the commissioner's room is right up here! '

(c) 2020 Hans van Gemert

#140w #vervolgverhaal

This episode of the sequel fits the 140-word challenge of May 2020: