Yoors FairShare Tutorial (English)

Yoors FairShare Tutorial

As many of you are already familiar with the FairShare function. We still made a tutorial for our new Yoorsies that have not used this function yet.

As Yoors we have a mission to support content creators in several ways, while expanding your content creating experience.

With Yoors FairShare, someone shares your post on their profile. By this you both earn 50/50 with every given Yoors love and Yoors points onto the shared content. Yoors FairShare gives you the opportunity to spread your content and reward the one who shares. So you both benefit.

The below explanation video will tell you more about Yoors FairShare.

FairShare Rewards

When you create a post you can also activate FairShare Rewards. When someone shares your post, they will receive an extra reward for sharing. Posts that have FairShare Rewards are recognized by the treasure chest.

Check out our tutorial how to share a post and how to activate FairShare Rewards onto your own content. Thanks you @Tania Kross for the voiceover. (Dutch version coming soon!)