FIVE MINUTES (a short story)

Five minutes.

That had been all that had changed my life. Well, not exactly my life. More like my point of view about certain things, certain events, even certain people.

Who knew that so much was happening behind our backs? Secret operations in tunnels. Drugs, extracted from human beings. True facts about chilling crimes were being hidden from the public. Mind control. Even our television! We had no choice! We thought we had, but if one read enough, they would find out that it wasn’t the case, that it was all a nasty lie, spread around to make us feel safer and more comfortable here, on planet Earth.

And how had it all started?

A misunderstanding. Too many, to be honest.

Confusion. Too much of it.

Beliefs - the wrong ones due to misinformation and censorship.

And for a while, it seemed to me that I was the only one who thought there was clearly something not quite right. Everybody else simply agreed with whatever they heard and read, without even questioning anything. That was what it looked like. That was what we were all shown. Of course, if one dug enough, one would realize that everything was not what it seemed to be.

I had almost fallen in a deep depression, struggling to comprehend things that were considered so simple and so normal for everybody else around me. At the time all I could think of was how come I was the only one who felt this way. No one could understand my loneliness.

I had tried to focus on hobbies, to spend less time online. And it had almost worked - for two weeks. During that time, I had secretly tried to find out if anybody else agreed with me that there was something fishy in the whole situation - I had to do it in secret, at the time it wasn’t acceptable to disagree with the majority.

It wasn’t until my childhood friend told me how she had seen movies and documentaries. She wholeheartedly recommended them to me. And thank God I had seen these documentaries. Even before that I had felt that there had been something odd about the whole situation, but the documentaries and the researches following them had confirmed my gut feelings.

Isn’t it funny how indeed a gut feeling can save you? I could have easily slipped into yet another depressive episode and I think no one would have been capable of helping me to save myself.

When I started watching, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew some of the information already from YouTube and from my friend. But what I was about to discover was even bigger than my biggest imaginations.

Who knew we were surrounded by evil? That corporations and movements around us were being funded by people with malicious intends?

Too many horrors were being normalized in our days. Idols were being worshipped for the wrong reasons. We were being fed on a soup of lies.

And suddenly… it wasn’t about politics or race anymore. It was about many other things.

It was about the next generation. About knowledge and the hidden truths around us. About the symbolism that was being covered up. About our own future. It was about a great division of the people, one that could possibly even end the human race. One that could have the true devils rule the world.

It was good versus evil. It had always been and shall always be.

The newly found information encouraged me to continue researching. I had to do it on my own. An hour wasn’t enough… not even one. Today, three months later, I am still researching and learning. It takes years. It takes your whole life to learn. But when you’re on your deathbed, you will be glad you have chosen this path instead of allowing yourself to be manipulated.

20/20 meant a perfect vision. 2020 appeared to be a year of the ultimate tests, the ultimate exposing of the intentions of the people around us, the people we put on pedestals. The year 2020 would forever be remembered by me as the year when I had begun to open my eyes, to truly wake up. I will always be proud of myself for following my instincts instead of the crowd - that has to be the best decision of my life.

It’s always fascinating, almost too good to be true, unbelievable in a way how five minutes can change your whole perspective about the world you think you live in.

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