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How to prepare for a holiday?What can you do?

Do it on the way? Where can you go?

This and more is covered in this holiday newspaper.


Specifically about the summer there are very many tips:


Tasty colors!
Among other things, when boredom or bad weather these coloring pages come in handy:

A nice long list of many other creative ideas:

Nice as a memory, or to show someone where you've been:

out on it

Tips for holidaymakers in the Netherlands:

For those who visit a European country:

Would you rather stay home? Then you might as well go on 'world journey'...

For lovers of castles, etc.:

In particular for daring:


Often easily and quickly prepared: Pasta!
These and more Italian recipes are in this handy overview:

Sometimes the kilos fly on vacation.
These two articles describe how you could prevent this:


Do you have an eye for details?
Make special holiday photos with these tips:

Especially nice for the youth:
This way you make sure you are nice on a holiday photo.

Create a silhouette photo
For example, from a sunset. That's how you do it:

Leave camera at home?
With a mobile phone you can also take great pictures!

The most beautiful nature photos
with the tips from this free eBook:


Do you have trouble with a foreign language?

Sometimes you expect something else...

It is of course first name if there is a toilet, at your holiday destination...

5 Cartoons about Camping:

7 cartoons in the theme beach:


Camping reviews, poems, camping tips and more.
You can find it all in this overview:

Camping with tent in winter?

No problem, with these 10 tips and tricks!

On the way

Fellow passengers get the time right.
With the free books in this
app, which you can also use offline:

Children also do not need to get bored on the go:

Ideas for various word games:


10 tips to properly prepare for a holiday:

More tips to prepare properly:

Or are you going out for one or more days?
Also about this 10 tips:

Who travels by train?
To Prague with an 8-year-old can be fine:

During a car holiday, a number of things aremandatory:
Read more about it HERE

Do you have one or more children with you?
Then this is not a bad idea:

Certainly not unimportant: a good travel insurance!

By bike on holiday can also be great!
Useful tips: