Yoors is there for all of us

At Yoors, we're not a number. We're people.

People with our own talents, our own flaws and our own wishes.

That Yoors is there for us, we've all experienced before.
Yoors is not a platform that is unreachable, but a helpline that takes action when problems arise.

Since Monday 29 June I could no longer use my Yoors profile optimally.I was able to read blogs and send personal messages, but no longer respond to others's blogs. Modifying my website was no longer possible.

The reason was the pop-up: “Verify your phone number and get 200 YP. To continue using Yoors, we ask you to verify your phone number.

Why? To protect you from fraud and provide a great Yoors experience. We ask you for a one-time verification of your phone number that we send via SMS.”