Yoors Promotion 10 seconds video

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You can also make very short videos for your social media channels. Super handy, simple and fast promotion.
I chose 10 seconds in this case, because I used a text that moves and when the 5 seconds are up, the picture is only visible for 1 second when it is still. That's why I decided to keep the 10 seconds so that everyone will read your message.
You can also show something that lasts 5 seconds, but then I would choose a still background.

Briefly and vigorously with three words I say what I am doing today, namely blogging, reading and creating and then with the reference also with one word Yoo.rs
For example, you can put it in your Instagram or Facebook story.
There are lots of possibilities you can play with on Canva.

I also made a personal promotional photo for Yoors that you can use to make it even more personal
in which you show that you are a Yoorsblogger.