Yoors Promovideo 2023 - 1 - For influencers, contentcreators and artists

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Following this blog by @Henkjan de Krijger , I made this short promo video. You may share it for promotional purposes. This to support the search for influencers, content creators and creators for Yoors.

It is certainly also good to delve into connecting with other people to join Yoors. Also check out Facebook and just type in the keyword influencers there, for example. Who knows, there may also be people there that you can start approaching by email.

You can also start networking in the blog groups you manage or are in to make people familiar with Yoors. I recently did that with someone and he or she became a member here. We should not think for the other, but just dare to do it. Tell more people about Yoors. That can be done very simply, just like this 30-second video.
Good luck!


Used music for video
« Royaty Free Music: Bensound.com/royalty-free-music »