#yoorsnovember #multiply

Yeah, I'm a creabea... there's a lot of creabeas here on Yoors... I see you, you guys are great!
Being a creabea has, in my opinion, a dusty image.

Now that I think about it... all my life I've had a kind of attraction for so-called dusty hobbies. When I was 14 years old I sang in a choir with “elderly people” but yes here on Curacao and especially when I grew up here there was little classical music and these middle-aged men and women liked to sing together miss Mozart on the Friday evening. So me too!

I like quilting, bullet journals, makrame... all fun!

My grandmother I really loved crochet a lot and she taught me how to crochet. Not with patterns oid... just use your imagination and crochet, then you make really nice personal work. I can compare it to sitting on salsa class in the Netherlands at the dance school or dancing with your dad on the porch salsa, intuitively, fun, sweating and definitely enjoy it.

The best thing about crocheting is the repetition. Just like with sports or meditation, the repetition ensures that your head comes to rest. Well of course I'm for sports and meditation but at the end of that you don't keep a super cute bag on about 😃

In the picture my #yoorsnovember Submission, my creation last week, a beach bag. wonderfully crocheted, thoughts are fresh and “boshi stail” (plenty of style-papiaments) on the beach.