Yoors update: Pay less for smaller pools

Here we are with another mini update. Just to let you know that from today the entry fee for a pool will be 1 thousandth (0.1%) of the total YP in the pool.

This means that you will pay less for smaller pools. Making pools more accessible to you guys who are running low on Yoors Points or cash.

The minimum price to enter is 25 YP.

Example 1
A pool has 100,000 YP in it
You will pay 100 YP per day to enter

Example 2
A pool has 10,000 YP in it
You will pay 25 YP per day to enter

What is a pool?
For newbies or people who do not know what Yoors pools are.
A pool is a hashtag with Yoors Points in it. Each pool becomes a competition. Every day a new winner will be elected: the post that got the most votes in the pool wins a fraction of the pool. The more participants, the more Yoors Points you win. Read more about it here.

Hopefully we can make  a few Yoorsies happy with this update. Till the next time!