Yoorspoints. How to earn them and what they can be used for.

Yoors rewards with YP

You get reward on Yoors in the form of YORPOINTS (YORPOINTS, or YP), for page/supporter views.
10.000 YP = €10,00 and from that amount you can pay out. Further on in this article more about it.


10 TOP Ways to Make Money on Yoors:

That's what it says in this post of @Babita de Boer.
There are also links to explanations. A few ways are still in development.

You can also earn Yoorspoints by:

In the past, also Pageviews got rewarded.

This is cancelled on November 16th. 2020.
More about that:

With Yoor Points earned you can:

Also you can ask for a payout of Yoorspoints.

You can ask for a payout if you have at least 10,000 YPs. So from €10,00.
Above 10 euros you can choose an amount of 5 euros higher each time, provided your balance is sufficient.
So €10, €15, €20, €25 and so on.


  1. Click on “Payout” in the menu
  2. Enter the requested information: the IBAN account number and the name of the account holder
  3. In your YP balance overview (bar menu), your payment request is listed as: “Yp has been converted to Euros” with the number of YP with a minus sign in front of it. The YP balance is then updated.
  4. Requested payout will be transferred to the bank account number you have entered, on a date @Henkjan de Krijger will announce. If there's no fraud involved.

No rights can be derived from the above.
Over time, the reward system may change and this explanation will be adjusted accordingly as soon as possible.

You can register with Yoors via this link: