Zijn we doorgeslagen?

Kinderarbeid? Talpa en ministerie praten over Claire (3) in Chateau Meiland . Talpa is in gesprek met het ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid over hoeveel het driejarige meisje Claire in het tv-programma Chateau Meiland te zien zal zijn. Claire is de dochter van een van de mensen in de serie, Maxime Meiland. De moeder van Maxime, en de oma van Claire, Erica Meiland vertelde aan Veronica Magazine dat het ministerie had ingegrepen en dat de peuter maar vijf keer per jaar op tv mag komen, maar het mediabedrijf hoopt daar verandering in te brengen.

"In Chateau Meiland volgen we het echte dagelijkse leven van de familie Meiland waar Claire natuurlijk deel van uitmaakt. Het zou heel onnatuurlijk zijn om haar buiten beeld te houden. Claire’s welzijn staat te allen tijde bovenaan en het is altijd onze intentie om ons aan de geldende regelgeving te houden. In dit geval blijken deze regels minder geschikt voor reality programma’s zoals Chateau Meiland", laat Talpa dinsdag weten aan het ANP.

Op dit moment is Talpa "in goed overleg" met het ministerie over het in beeld brengen van Claire. "We gaan ervan uit dat we hier met elkaar goede afspraken over kunnen maken zodat Claire als gezinslid te zien blijft in het programma."

De nieuwe reeks van Chateau Meiland is vanaf 1 maart te zien bij SBS6. In de eerste drie afleveringen van het seizoen zit Claire waarschijnlijk wel, vertelde Erica.
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The Economy Is Actually A Form Of Brain Damage
What a brilliant title this video has! 😉 At least my attention was drawn directly. And the contents are also the nail on its head! This Geneticist and climate activist David Suzuki brings it as clear as glass. The economic principle on which we have established our society is fundamentally if not in connection with the real world, with us as humanity, that it is only destructive. Fortunately, the economy, our money system, is also just a conviction of all of us, a story. It's not real. So if we as humanity are able to create this monstrosity what would we not be able to do if we focused our attention and energy on a new story? We can get out of here, we are not victims of our own beliefs, we are creators! We might as well just enjoy the world we live in, from our full potential as human beings to contribute. It's a matter of choosing! https://youtu.be/jQGHJa4Im4A #inlovewithhumanity #economy   #money  
Have you lied to achieve a purpose?
#qa In Venezuela, the lie has become a habit. Liveness and lie has become the day of almost all its inhabitants. Getting to a healthcare center in the middle of this pandemic is depressing. Recently I have had to take a family member with symptoms of covid and with a fairly committed prognosis to one of these outpatients and it has been an almost wild struggle to be cared for. Standing at the door for long hours and seeing how they cared for some patients and others did not, forced me to put a lie of the pious calls to be cared for. On this occasion I had to say that it was recommended by a senior state government official (which I had heard from someone else) to be taken care of.. Now I wonder, is it bad to lie?. Maybe if I hadn't done it, my relative could have passed away.. This example undoubtedly has the ability to generate an interesting debate about lying. It is said that a lie changes everything, in my case, of course it changed, I was taken care of immediately, but my conscience is not clear and I do not feel good for having done it, because thinking that there were patients in equal or worse conditions makes me feel a bad person. But at the same time I wonder if a person who hunts animals asks us in which direction did the fox go what would you say? , the right direction or the other, if you know that by lying you could save his life. Pixabay image