#festivals Today I will write about another festival that is held every year at my school, at the end of January the Zulianity Day is celebrated, of course in this state of the country, it is to pay tribute to our roots, culture, gastronomy, music Basically, everything that we like Zulianos represents.
Our students investigate the subject and develop an exhibition of what they have learned, with banners, models, audio, they sing songs, we taste traditional dishes and desserts from our region, and show typical costumes typical of the Wayu ethnic group and others who populate the corners of Zulia.
Tourist places of the region are also marked, Lake Maracaibo and its bridge in honor of his hero Rafael Urdaneta, the museum of the same name, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira and our faith in the Virgin. places such as the lakeside promenade, the Plaza de la Republica, and of course you should not miss La Gaita, traditional music sung especially in December.
Native dances and traditions of these ethnic groups can also be presented, such as the Yonna or Chichamaya dance Wayu symbolizing courtship, between a man and a woman, the man represents the wind and the woman the power that pushes him, the dance. is about power, the woman chases the man until he falls, although the video I show is not from our school, it is quite explanatory.