You have got a lot of works piled up in your office yet you go home each day without completing your work.

Just because, you feel tired all through your working hours despite the fact that you had a quality sleep the night before.

Sounds like you?
If so, you're not alone. Read on to discover the reasons you are always tired.

The feeling of tiredness is common and normal when it's not at extreme.

As a matter of fact, one third of older adults, adults and teens reportedly said they feel tired always.

Tiredness is a symptom of different ailments apart from this, tiredness can be experienced in everyday life due to other lifestyle causes.

The following are the reasons you are always tired

This is a condition in which one has no enough red blood cell as  a result of different factors like ulcer or cancer.

The causes of anemia include
1. Dietary deficiencies such as lack of iron, folic acid, and vitamin B-12
2. Use of certain drugs like aspirin
3. Chronic disease may as well leads to anemia, examples of such diseases are; diabetes and kidney diseases.

Anaemia is the most prevalent blood condition which affect not greater than fewer percentage of  a population.

It's a common cause of tiredness especially in women at childbearing age. And women who have heavy menstrual cycle and uterine fibroid tumor.
Symptoms of anaemia
1. Crankiness
2. Dizziness
3. Tiredness
Iron supplementation is required if iron deficiency is the real cause of your anemia.

2. Overconsumption of refined carbs
Studies found that reduction in the consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrates increased the energy level in consumers; owing to unbalanced blood sugar level. Therefore, overconsumption of this foods definitely leads to fatigue.
As more and more  processed carbs and refined sugars are  consumed, blood sugar level  get spiked. The pancreas gland secretes high amount of insulin to regulate the soured blood sugar. The flooding of the blood stream with insulin and subsequent conversion of glucose to glycogen tend to decrease you energy level and makes you exhausted and tired.

Report showed that children who ate high carb foods before soccer games felt exhausted more than children that ate peanuts based snacks.

Some foods have been shown to balance energy level better.

Want to have a balanced energy level?
Ensure your plate is filled with fiber rich foods like whole grains and vegetables.

3. You may be living sedentary life
Do you know being inactive for a long time can cost you your energy?

That's what sedentary lifestyle does to you. Staying in one place, where you just move only your mouth, hands and head for a very long time, every day,  can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). CFS involves excessive fatigue throughout the day.

Most adults who live sedentary life said they find it difficult to exercise.
Want to boost your energy level?

Replace sedentary lifestyle with lots of activities.

Practice any of the following activities;

1. Instead of taking a cab, walk
2. Stand up where it's possible, don't just sit down
3. Climb stairs instead of taking a lift
3. Lack of enough sleep

Inadequate or poor quality night rest, may be the cause of your tiredness. After each night of not getting good quality sleep, you feel exhausted, dizzy and tired.

Your daily activities tend to suffer it. Because you don't seem to give in your optimum efforts in your work.

American academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research, stated
That an adult needs 7 hours of quality night sleep.

Want to fight tiredness?

Get a good sleep and maintain proper routine of sleep every night. Having at least 7 hours of uninterrupted night rest will revitalize you and leave  you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


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