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Challenge, Compete and Win

Welcome to Yoors , the ultimate platform where you can unleash your creativity, test your skills, and join thrilling challenges either individually or with teams, all for the chance to claim incredible prizes

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Creative Challenges

Explore a variety of challenges designed to inspire artists, writers, photographers, and creatives of all kinds to push their limits.

Exciting Prizes

Win cash rewards, unique merchandise, and unforgettable experiences as we celebrate your talent and hard work.

Thriving Community

Connect with like-minded creators, engage in discussions, collaborate on projects, and build lasting relationships within our vibrant community.

Expert Judging

Receive constructive feedback and gain recognition from experienced judges who share your passion for creativity.

Simple Submission

Easily share your creations with our streamlined submission process, so you can focus on your art and ideas.

Exclusive Subscription Rewards

Unlock premium challenges and prizes by subscribing to our platform, enhancing your winning potential and creative experience.

Buddy Discounts

Inviting your friends not only enriches our creative community but also brings you and your buddies exciting discounts and opportunities to win prizes together in team challenges.

Real-Time Feedback

Get immediate insights into your work's reception with real-time feedback from our engaged community.

Easy Cash-Out Options

Enjoy hassle-free access to your winnings with various payment methods, simplifying the process of cashing out your rewards.

Monthly Challenges, Big Rewards

Welcome to Yoors , the dynamic platform where your skills are rewarded. Participate in our monthly challenges, each with a unique theme, and stand a chance to win enticing cash prizes ranging from €100 to €1000

Team up for Victory

Discover the excitement of teamwork and the satisfaction of shared success on Yoors . Join forces with your team, compete against others, and seize the opportunity to win incredible prizes by achieving the highest scores.

Subscribe and enhance your experience

Supercharge your Yoors experience with a subscription that grants you access to high-stakes challenges offering bigger prizes. Plus, with the power of a premium vote, you can earn 1 euro by supporting the winning entry.

Track Your Progress on the Scoreboard

Stay in the loop with Yoors ' comprehensive scoreboard, revealing the triumphant winners, top-performing teams, and the latest status updates of every exhilarating challenge.

Frequently asked questions

Yoors is a creative platform where users participate in challenges, showcase their talents, and win prizes. Simply sign up, choose a challenge, submit your entry, and get a chance to win!

Yoors is open to users aged 18 and above. We're dedicated to maintaining a safe and inspiring environment for our community.

After joining a challenge, upload your entry by clicking the "Submit" button on the challenge page. Follow the instructions to share your creation.

Yoors offers challenges in various domains like art, writing, photography, and more. Explore our diverse range to find your creative niche.

An expert jury evaluates submissions based on creativity, relevance to the theme, and overall impact. Some challenges are also evaluated by the community itself or a combination between jury and community is also possible, then the entry with the most votes will win. Winners are announced based on their scores.

Yes! Yoors offers team challenges where you and your friends can collaborate and win prizes together.

Buddy Discounts reward you for inviting friends to Yoors. You and your buddies can enjoy discounts on challenges and subscriptions. Check out Premium Buddies for more info

Premium Buddies is an exclusive offer on Yoors where both you and your invited friend can earn one month for free if they take a subscription on Yoors. Imagine you invite 12 friends, then you will earn 12 months for free and won't have to pay for a whole year.

Navigate to https://yoo.rs/premium and choose a subscription plan that suits you. Subscriptions offer exclusive benefits and rewards.

Congratulations! You can cash out your winnings through various payment methods available on Yoors. You can choose between Paypal or banktransfer.

Engage in discussions, connect with fellow creators, and explore collaborations within our vibrant community. Your creativity is welcome here!

You are required to have a subscription to participate in Premium challenges. However check the Buddy discounts that we offer and you can receive one month for free.

Yoors is designed to discern your specific needs. If your requirement is universal and location isn’t a concern, Yoors will adjust accordingly. However, for hyperlocal connections, Yoors ensures swift and precise matches right in your vicinity.