#iamnewhere I am a married woman with a 24 year old daughter and I live in a rural area in Umbria in the green heart of Italy ... I have no work and I am constantly looking for something to do to earn a minimum to satisfy my desire to travel and go to wonderful places.
The last vacation I took in Barcelona was truly fantastic and full of unexpected events and this made it even more beautiful than I would have expected.
I am a curious woman and a lover of crime and I often watch TV series on this genre or doc-series of real events for hours.
I also really like music and I am a huge fan of a program that in Italy brings out talents in both music and dance every year and I love to identify with them since as a teenager I played guitar and sang as a hobby.
Unfortunately this dream that I had as a child has remained in a drawer and in my professional life I have done something else but I carry it in my heart and that is why seeing others who manage to realize that dream gives me a lot of joy and a sense of fulfillment. .
I have worked for years in the fashion world as a seamstress and thanks to this job I have unfortunately acquired physical disabilities that prevent me from doing manual work except for a short time and it is for this reason that finding a job is not easy for me.
In spite of this, I am not downhearted, I am always looking for new proposals on the web and who knows if being here was not a sign of destiny.