Have you ever wondered why your fellows who own pets are so obsessed with them and always talk about them? Ask them and they will tell you why they adore these cute creatures and what is the impact of their presence and companionship on their lives? Apart from being cute, pets are a source of deep satisfaction and feeling of companionship for mentally disturbed and psychologically challenged people. Medical science has approved the importance of pet animals in the treatment and cure for mental illnesses and the consideration of these animals as ESAs(Emotional Support Animals). Let’s see how these ESAs are true human companions.

Unconditional love


An Emotional Support Animal provides unconditional love and a feeling of connectedness to people who may struggle to find these emotions from other people. These adorable creatures do not possess negative personality traits that a human being may possess like hatred, jealousy, selfishness and being judgmental. So being in the company of such supportive and selfless beings is always satisfying and also saves you from lots of drama.

Social Support


ESAs are the best remedy for individuals who may be suffering from social anxiety, dissociation, and loneliness. According to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology journal, an ESA owner may receive wellbeing benefits if they are psychologically close to them and this social mental connection improves the functioning of the human nervous system and cardiovascular system. An ESA is only given to a person who has a legitimate emotional support animal letter given by a physician.

Stress management


You may think, what an ESA has to do with stress? Studies have revealed that spending time with your ESA helps in reducing the feeling of alienation and anxiety. Stressfulness eventually decreases as it is observed that pet interaction releases endorphins hormone in our nervous system which reduces the perception of stress and pain. So if you are suffering from mental disorders or any considerable psychological issue, consult your therapist to write an ESA letter for you. To have a good idea about this process, check a free emotional support dog letter sample online and get a clear understanding of the requirements and procedure.

Before going to this facility, make sure that you are not trapped by fake esa letter for housing providers as there are many entities online fooling people to make money this way.

They keep you Busy


When you return home after a tiring and hectic day at work, you need some fun and recreation. You need someone to spend time with you playing and enjoying fun activities, just to normalize your mental faculties. And ESAs are the best option for such companionship. You won’t see them in a bad mood or not interested in mingling as they are always up for it 24/7, unlike human beings. This will save you from immersing yourself into a vicious circle of unnecessary thoughts and tensions and keep you refreshed and busy. The esa letter needs to be renewed when it expires.

Want a loyal friend?


At least once in a lifetime, you may have seen one of your close friends or loved ones drifting away from you and leaving you sad and broken. Don’t worry because not all of God’s creatures are like that, especially pet animals. You will always find them loyal to you and they will not leave you until you do. So having a pet as an ESA will enable you to take it with you wherever you plan on going, except to places where animals are forbidden and not allowed without proper permission (which in this case, is an ESA letter online). So get one and make your companionship with your pet even stronger and long-lasting.


If you possess a pet and want to make it an Emotional Support Animal, go for this option immediately to obtain the above-discussed benefits. Their presence and interaction with you may not be a proper cure if you are suffering from any mental ailment or disorder, but are sure to help improve the condition.


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