02/2020... Live! Think in possibilities...

After years of being under fire when it was about my health, I can say that I got off relatively well. In principle I can still do anything, albeit my condition here and there, but I can (by now) live with that.
Yesterday I was at my GP. I hadn't spoken to him in four years, but my rickety ears had to be sprayed out. The hearing care still says: 'Do it to your ENT doctor, because he sucks your ears, and at a general practitioner it is still done with water and that hurts. '
Now I had an otolaryngologist once, but I didn't think he was so funny. Neither did he, because I asked too many questions and his impatience increased. - Why? - Why? Has hearing impairment become so normal for him that questions about it bother him? Obviously, I ignored his impatience.
In short, exit dude, and I no longer have an otolaryngologist.

All right, go to my GP. Always interested in his patient. I really hit it with him. His partner retired last year, and he was a great pear, too.
Of course we still had some catch up and I could only give him good news. He was genuinely happy for me.
Let's face it, four and a half years ago I had no idea that there would still be life after myocardial infarction (or 3) for me.

In the meantime I have been working for 2 years and even more hours than before. Who would have thought that? Not at least me. And while we're talking about it, after my employer at the time totally ignored me during my illness, I told you how important work can be in your life. Ever since I work again, I've been refreshed. Mental and physical. Admittedly, I had and have fun work. Of course, that saves your mood if you don't have to drag yourself to work.
And now that I have a new employer, where I earn considerably better, I'm catching up for years of vacation, which makes my life even more fun.

And then I read a sad message on Facebook this morning. A peasant, whom I do not know personally, died unexpectedly of cancer. (which had come back after years) Within two weeks. TWO WEEK! And I cry. I loved following her, because she was so funny and full of lust for life, and she did something with that lust. I sometimes envied her that she had the opportunity to travel and do what she wanted. I think she still managed to get the most out of life that was possible.

It strikes me that a lot of people my age die (under 60) and somehow, I wake up. Tomorrow it could be over and did you do what you really wanted to do? “No “is the answer to my own question. And now that I also have the opportunity to travel and have the desire to do it again, I often think during my trip: 'Mazzelpik! Despite all your malleable disabilities, you've picked up your life again. “

It's not easy for many of us. I realize that very well. And I know how complicated it is to keep your head (financially) above water, believe me. But I am convinced (from experience) that optimism and confidence in yourself and willpower, get the best out of you.
During my rehabilitation period, I rediscovered my creativity. I started writing again, which resulted in a book. I learned how to crochet, dotpaint and paint. My creative brain suddenly saw something that could be made or entertained everywhere.
And what happens!? ... nothing happens without reason...
After my employer had to interfere with me again in order to allow me to reintegrate through a sanction of the UWV, I get a creative job within that organisation.




Look at your capabilities and not your impossibilities, that was my motto from the start.

Even though the big world doesn't get any more fun, make your own little fun world.
What do you really like within your possibilities? Do it! Do it!
It's the gift to yourself...