personalities of the zodiac signs✨part2


cancers are very in touch with their emotions. as a water sign they are characteristically intense but they are very protective of the ones they choose to keep close. they tend to be more cautious than other signs

one of the most ambitious signs, leos are known to be crazy hardworking. their passionate behaviour can come across as bossiness which means only those truly close to them can understand them


virgos are logical and practical and can find it hard to stop worrying at times. their systematic approach to life often means they can be overcritical and harsh. like other earth signs, virgos tend to be grounded and modest


the most diplomatic of the signs, libras want to preserve the balance in all areas of their life. they can very romantic and flirtatious at times and are generally sociable. their weakness tends to be their indecisiveness


scorpios are one of the more determined and obsessive of the signs. their magnetic energy means people are instantly attracted to their exciting personality. they can be uncharacteristically secretive when pushed too far


like other fire signs sagittarius are straightforward can be tactless and restless. sagittarius crave freedom and knowledge and are usually good-humoured and optimistic. they tend to be irresponsible when they're distracted


capricorns are particularly patient and careful. like other earth signs they can be practical and pessimistic. their humorous nature draws people in

that's it fellas , hope you enjoyed it #staysafe