Sudden Plan executed with colleagues at Boo2 Bangla LTD

Everyday we are dealing with very busy schedule at Boo2 Bangla LTD, so there is hardly any spare time for us to go outside for snacks time. Delicious food reviews coming from all over Dhaka City was tempting us all to eat all those amazing foods and have some tasty bites. It was getting hard to enjoy some time out of our regular office time.  


With help from Masud, Sujan, Niloy and Tanvir, we all gathered some budget and finally decided to have some 'Chaap' and 'Luchi' and 'Pudina Lemon' with everyone at office. It was a package meal and was sold for an offer price of 480 BDT which is equivalent to 5 Euros which included meal for 4 person (4 chicken Chaap, 24 Luchi, 4 Pudina Lemon drink and Sauces). We bought two packages which costed us almost 10 Euros and Masud helped us to pick the food to office from Chap Nagar where the food store  the offer was going on. We all enjoyed the food a lot and it was a very nice snack break for us after a long time. Happy smiles were visible on every face of Boo2 Bangla LTD family members.