A few thoughts on that yellow thing in the sky

#sun #freewriting #thoughts #philosophy

Today I looked up and saw a yellow sphere marking the vast blue dome. Have you ever noticed such a sphere? No, don't look, for its power is blinding. Simply know it's there for its shimmering light. For its intense heat on a summer's day...

What is the purpose of such a sphere?

Perhaps it is an ornament to decorate the dome. For it is quite bland, not bad, simply blue. And while I find great joy in such simplicity. There are other more extravagant individuals with desires greater than mine...

One might wonder if it was put there for its light. it is quite dark in the night and the sphere shines so brightly, flooding the world with its glow. Still, it could be there for its heat. To warm the Earth it watches. Under the great big dome. Perhaps this was its purpose. To warm the Earth and keep it in the light.

It is quite possible, however, that such a sphere has no purpose. In all the vastness of the blue dome, it is quite doubtful that the one object that marks it has no purpose, but hear me out. Maybe things just exist. With no goal, no reason to reach. They just exist, and purpose is found by the desire to find a reason for that existence.

So turn to the golden globe. No, don't look at it. Picture it, in the eye of your mind and know that it exists. Maybe it wasn't meant to. Maybe it doesn't have to. But regardless of such trifles and trivialities. It exists and just appreciates it does.