10-12-2020.. Hearing impairment and TV

Irma, the deaf interpreter has shaken the Netherlands when it comes to hearing impairment and deafness. I belong to the first category and can have a little sign language, but I really can't follow Irma. 😉
Since 1.5 months I switched from TV provider. My previous provider offered poor service when it comes to subtitles, on which I am absolutely dependent for English spoken programs. I have Bluetooth headphones, so as not to cause the neighbors any pain in their ears.
My current provider even subtitles the recorded programs. This makes me totally happy. Not that I really watch a lot of TV, and I haven't been watching the press conferences for a long time, because that makes me very recalcitrant.
But the conferences on RTL4 are great fun to be able to watch, with subtitles, because after your theater visit, my greatest love, I can't understand this anymore. Not even through the ring line.

Yes, my world has become a lot smaller, because unfortunately my TV provider does not subtitle in restaurants, not at work and other meetings. And Irma also does not always want to act as writing interpreter 😉

Since 13 October 2020, the sign language is an official language, thanks to these press conferences on Corona. And that's something we make a lot of people happy with.
And with the little bit of sign language I know, I teach my residents with dementia an occasional word. And sometimes a gesture lingers.

More information about the benefits of sign language: https://www.kentalis.nl/nieuws/nederlandse-gebarentaal-officieel-erkend

Header photo: meaning gesture = love

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