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10 Most Instagrammable Places in Argentina

Traveling thinking about the place that will be best in the photo for Instagram is a reality for many. And the fact is that the Instagram phenomenon has made corners fashionable that previously did not appear in the guides and has made well-known places in the Argentine Republic even more popular.

Here, a selection of the 10 most beautiful places and the perfect coordinates for a good photo on Instagram:

Hill Of The 7 Colors

This place is located in Jujuy, in the north of Argentina. It is one of the most emblematic landscapes of my country and its images travel the whole world. This dazzling rock formation is at the foot of the city of Purmamarca and displays a unique range of colors. The ideal is to get up early and wait for the first rays of the sun to be able to appreciate the Cerro de Los Siete Colores (Hill of the 7 colors) in its entire splendor. If not, go in the morning to be able to see the multicolored rocks, since in the afternoon you will observe it with shade. The ideal spot: the Cerro El Porito viewpoint.

Iguazu Falls

Falls is one of the most visited destinations in Argentina, which is located in the province The Iguazu of Misiones, my hometown is very close to here and I was lucky enough to visit it several times. These waterfalls are the largest (extensive) in the world.

The Iguazu Falls have 275 waterfalls of which 80% are Argentine and the rest are on the Brazilian side. Yes, because it borders Brazil. And walking along its catwalks is the perfect excuse to admire a landscape that takes your breath away, even more so when the rainbow is present. Anywhere on the catwalk is the perfect spot to take photos.

The Acsibi Caves

In the Calchaquíes valleys, near the town of Seclantás, in the province of Salta, you will find a landscape that invites you to explore. The Acsibi Caves are one of the secret corners of Argentina, a trip back in time through reddish formations that were once the site of indigenous rituals. It is 19 km from Seclantás and can be accessed through a beautiful walk along a dry riverbed.

The Dome of The Barolo Palace

It is among the best viewpoints in the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. From the top of the Barolo Palace, you can see the entire Congress Square, with the imposing building of the National Congress and the two reddish domes of the real-estate building. And if we already talk about the sunset, it is simply spectacular.

Talampaya Canyon

It is the most visited attraction in La Rioja province. There the activities take place in organized schedules and groups, always accompanied by a local guide, which has allowed keeping this tourist resource preserved. These imposing reddish walls (over 150 meters) are full of petroglyphs and make us small in the face of such majesty.

Los Glaciares National Park

This is another of the most visited places in Patagonia, and in all of Argentina. The gateway is the city of El Calafate, Province of Santa Cruz. Half of the park is occupied by a large ice field that feeds the glaciers, among which the Perito Moreno stands out, the most famous and constantly advancing and retreating, forming a dome that collapses every certain amount of time. With a front of 5 kilometers and 60 meters high above the water, it is the worthy frame for a photo.

Between Vineyards

The province of Mendoza is the emblem of Malbec wine and one of the great wine-growing regions in the world (it produces 70 percent of all the wine made in Argentina).

During the tour of the wineries of places such as Luján de Cuyo, Maipú, or the Uco Valley -one hour from the city- it is impossible not to admire the mountain landscape of blue skies and snow-capped peaks.

Mendoza is located to the east of the Andes mountain range, which offers some sunsets for the photo with the frame of the mountains. Both summer, when the harvest begins, as well as spring or autumn, are good times to photograph it, as long as you have a glass of wine in hand and the mountains in the background.

The Bahia Bustamante Beach

It is a destination in itself: a marine and terrestrial paradise where you can also access extraordinary white-sand beaches and turquoise sea, a 60 million-year-old Petrified Forest located in the province of Chubut. One of the best-kept secrets in Argentina, and it is in Patagonia, on the Atlantic coast.

Lagoon of the Three

El Chalten, Santa Cruz is the capital of trekking. The most sought-after hike with the most spectacular views of the Fitz Roy massif. This natural viewpoint is the closest to the ones near the imposing walls of Fitz Roy and its peripheral granite Spiers and without a doubt the most famous of all walks.

Esmeralda Lagoon

This is one of the most beautiful treks in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego province, since the lagoon has an unbeatable charm, both in summer and winter when the water mirror freezes. Its beauty is drawn from different landscapes and colors throughout the year. After several hours of walking, where you cross-forest and streams, Its waters have an emerald green color and impact with its hills in the background.

Extra Place: Trevelin

Trevelin is another well-known travel destination for many people who visit southern Argentina. It is a few kilometers from Esquel, in the province of Chubut, and it is a very small town, with Welsh traditions. There are some nice tea houses, a historic mill, and beautiful scenery. October is the most visited month as it becomes a must-see destination thanks to the blooming tulip fields. A unique visual spectacle.

Trevelin is also the beginning of several tourist circuits that run through forests of cypresses and lengas, waterfalls, and trails especially suitable for trekking enthusiasts. Nearby are the Nant & Fall waterfalls; the Futalaufquen, Verde, and Menéndez lakes; Los Alerces National Park; the Amutuy Quimey reservoir; the Old Patagonian Express; and La Hoya hill.

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