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10 Most Instagrammable Places in India

At a time when Instagram has completely transformed the way of knowing new destinations and traveling, these most instagrammable places in India become the best excuse to peek into the country of palaces and colors to squeeze its full potential through your camera.

Next, I will tell you the 10 places where travelers do not want to miss the opportunity to take photos for their Instagram.

#1. Humayun's Tomb (New Delhi)

Considered a forerunner of the Taj Mahal and its "garden-tomb" concept, Humayun's tomb is possibly one of the great icons of the city of New Delhi, the capital. A monument erected in red sandstone, whose countless reasons invite you to take the best photograph before getting lost in this cultural oasis born in 1574 in order to protect the remains of Emperor Humayun.

#2. Taj Mahal (Agra)

If there is a place in India that deserves all the photographs, that is without a doubt, the Taj Mahal. The country's greatest icon is an indispensable piece in the so-called Golden Triangle of India, evoking the magic and romanticism of the history that surrounds it: its construction in the seventeenth century by order of Prince Shah Jahan in honor of his last wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Fragments of a romance that even today sigh among exotic gardens, mythical domes, or sunsets next to the Yamuna River that complete the perfect picture.

#3. Patrika Gate (Jaipur)

Over the past few years, a set of tall colored arches has begun to take over Instagram social media radiating a unique exoticism. Located in the Jawahar Circle, a circular garden at the south gate of Jaipur city, Patrika Gate is a relatively recent monument whose colors, upholstery, and shapes make up the canvas for the perfect photo.

#4. Panna Meena Ka Kund (Jaipur)

Jaipur brings together some of the most instagrammable places in India thanks to the charm of a pink color that surrounds everything and the discovery of new forms in this city designated as a Unesco heritage site. And one of the places that best combines both aspects is, without a doubt, the stepped well of Panna Meena Ka Kund, a typical monument of Rajasthan whose steps towards this thousand-year-old pond evoke a fantasy worthy of an Escher painting.

#5. Taj Lake Palace (Udaipur)

The former palace of the Mewar dynasty now one of the great hotels in India, the Taj Lake Palace is a monumental pearl in the middle of Lake Pichola, the epicenter of the city of Udaipur. A lavish hotel where the views are combined with boat trips, sublime facilities, or a pool in which the Scheherazade of 1001 nights would swim before continuing to tell her next story to the Sultan.

#6. Any Street in Jodhpur

There are places that radiate a concept, a unique incentive. And in the case of Jodhpur, it is the blue color that floods each of its streets. Although the origin is still not entirely clear, it is believed that the presence of numerous Brahmin followers of Shiva in the city inspired the brushstrokes of a blue color considered sacred by the most learned. An intention that today unfolds in alleys that combine the relaxing blue with postcards of the most traditional India.

It should be noted that the color of the houses in the city is blue but not exactly this blue. I've been there and I can see that the photo has a filter to enhance the blue color. It is actually blue but lighter, like the sky.

#7. Hampi (Karnataka)

Located in the state of Karnataka, in South India, the Hampi complex is one of the most glorious in Asia. An ancient city built by the Vijayanagara empire that still gleams today amidst huge cliffs, sculptures from another time, and fairytale sunsets. The greatness made the city, without a doubt.

#8. Allepey (Kerala)

Drone photography has become another of the most embraced trends on Instagram, although ensuring the permissions of each country when taking these types of photographs is extremely essential. In the case of South India, the lush state of Kerala has many (and green) places capable of snatching thousands of likes thanks to a system of marshes, coconut trees, and floating houses in the sea and the most daring photographs .

#9. Meenakshi Temple (Tamil Nadu)

Formed by fifteen different gopuram (or thresholds) filled with thousands of colored figures, the most famous temple in Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, stands out for its various spaces, but my favorite are the mandalas that seal all its vaults.

#10. Varanasi

In a world in which fully conscious posing in a new destination and then posting the photo on Instagram has become a reality, Varanasi invites you to be photographed through contemplation of the nuances. From that priest who prays at dawn by the Ganges River to the women in sparkling saris who plunge into a mystical river to the spectacle of its crematoria, ancient Benares is a delight for all photographers and targets.
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