10 struggles for an HSP person

You sweet, beautiful, sensitive person. What does your sensitivity bring about beautiful things. You can make a better and deeper connection with the people, animals and nature around you. You can enjoy it intensely or be moved by it, beautiful, isn't it?

High sensitivity can bring a lot of beauty, but also the necessary struggles.

Here is a list of what you can run into as an HSP person.

1. Quickly fatigue/overstimulated
The most famous struggle, I think, is being tired and/or overcocked quickly. After a birthday, intensive contact, a meeting, a place where there are a lot of people. You feel drained and now you have to take care of yourself first. Then withdrawing is the only thing you can do for yourself. Going to bed on time, a hot bath or a walk in nature ensure that you can recharge.

2. Give YOUR opinion!
Many HSPers are good at living like a chameleon. They feel someone else's needs flawlessly and therefore adapt here, automatically,. So good, in fact, that they forget who they are and what makes them happy. Most HSPers are therefore a star in becoming true pleasers and placing others on a pedestal. It sounds very easy to give your opinion, but for an HSP person, it's anything but easy. Find out what makes YOU happy and share your opinion, because you can be there.

3. Slam
Despite the fact that HSPers are very social people and can enter into contact with others in a deeper way, this is sometimes different in a heated discussion. If there are many or intense emotions involved, it may well be for an HSP person to close.
During a quarrel/heated discussion, so much emotion is released that an HSP person can literally close it. The incentives are such that they can no longer be processed at that time. It works best not to go on too long, but to try to create space so that peace can come back first. From there, the topic can be reopened.

4. Large groups
Most HSPers will agree that large groups are difficult. Of course, that does not mean that an HSP person cannot function in a large group/be himself. Most HSPers are simply stronger 1 to 1. They then make better contact with the other, where a (large) group is about group dynamics. An HSP person is very sensitive to group dynamics and often knows how to sense what is or isn't going on. This can also ensure a strengthening of a (large) group and a good bond. HSPers can therefore function as a connector in a group. Although an HSP person will generally feel more comfortable with a 1 on 1 contact.

5. Not concrete enough
As an HSP person, you often talk about your feelings and also try to make it clear through your feelings how things are going and how you experience something. If you are talking to someone who thinks very rationally, this can sometimes clash in the conversation. You don't understand each other. As an HSP person, you try to explain how you experience something from your gut, where the rational thinker will indicate that it remains too vague/is not concrete enough. For example, an HSP person can run into this during a performance review at work.

6. solitude
As an HSP person, you can sometimes feel pretty damn alone. It doesn't always mean that an HSP person doesn't have people around them either. An HSP person experience/feels emotions so intensely that it can happen that you feel alone in your feelings. You feel misunderstood. This can be a tough process, because sometimes you feel like no one understands you.

7. buddies
Making, Having and Maintaining Friends. A difficult topic for many HSPers. HSPers often value a friendship with real content. Superficial connections often cost them too much energy. If there is a (close) friendship, this friendship also means a lot to them. Despite the fact that the friendship means a lot, it is still difficult to maintain it properly. This is because an HSP also needs a lot of “alone time” to charge. No unwillingness, but often not knowing how to deal with it. What an HSP person can run into are friendships that eventually fail or dilute. Not because an HSP person does not want to have friendships, but purely because it takes (extra) a lot of energy to maintain them.

8. hypersensitivity
The sensitivity of an HSP person can express itself in different ways. This also applies to (over) sensitivity to food. For example, many HSPers suffer from an allergy to certain nutrients or certain foods. Not only eating can cause hypersensitivity, but also, for example, fabric softener, perfume or even various cloth clothing on the skin.

9. Stamp
Yes, the term “HSPer” quickly tends to leave a mark on people. No, an HSP person is not special, not sick, not special and also just a normal person. The only thing that makes the term “HSPer”, or High Sensitive Person, attached to it, is that the nervous system and the processing of stimuli works slightly differently.

10. Talking about feeling
Although an HSP person feels a lot, an HSP person is not necessarily a good talker when it comes to feeling. In fact, the feeling of an HSP person is so overwhelming that there are no (correct) words to give it. Because of this, it can be difficult to talk about the feeling. In addition, it is sometimes difficult for an HSP person to distinguish between what one's own feeling is and what is the other person's. As a result, an HSP person sometimes does not even know what is happening internally. Just try to explain that!

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